“Electronic prescribing and medication administration: what to expect and how to succeed?” offers an insight into the opinions of key ePMA stakeholders and the potential benefits such solutions could bring the health service.

The 2019 OPENeP Community day brought together more than 40 electronic prescribing and medication administration (ePMA) key stakeholders, including CCIOs, CNIOs and lead pharmacists.

The purpose of the event was to encourage ideas on ways to improve the patient journey, and to build collaboration between different trusts so that they can share their experience and knowledge.

Part of the event included four exclusive lectures by the likes of Ann Slee, associate chief clinical information officer (Medicines) at NHSX and Dr Gorazd Kalan, former director of the paediatric intensive care unit at EMRAM 6 Stage University Children’s Hospital Ljubljana in Slovenia.

There was also a number of workshops where stakeholders were asked to think and debate a number of questions and topics. This included what benefits they hope to achieve by implementing ePMA and what the potential barriers could be.

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