In 2020 gradual progress in digital adoption suddenly transitioned to rapid acceleration within health and care. The arrival of Covid-19, one of the greatest challenges to face healthcare and society in living memory, has forced people to find new ways to connect.

This means having the ability to remotely connect patients with those providing services, and to connect clinical professionals across geographies.

Video conferencing has taken off hugely in response to new demands. Visionable, the NHS technology partner, has seen this change first-hand. From February to March we saw a 1,600% increase in the hours our video collaboration platform is used across NHS trusts. We onboarded more than 16,000 NHS staff in four weeks. And we have enabled many thousands of hours of additional virtual patient consultations through technology built specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals and patients in the UK.

Coronavirus has acted as a catalyst for change and has led to years’ worth of technology adoption in a matter of weeks. But health and care organisations should be careful to make the right technology choices in this rapid channel shift, decisions that will allow them to design services fit for all patients, now and in the future.

Visionable is using its video-based collaboration platform to help deliver equitable access to services for patients. It is helping health and care organisations to redesign services, pathways, and workflow. It is connecting healthcare professionals and bringing them to the patient.

It is supporting entirely new ways of delivering, coordinating and structuring multi-disciplinary teams. It is bringing together crucial patient information and imaging to support virtual consultations and meetings. It is helping the NHS meet sustainability ambitions, whilst saving substantial amounts of time. And it is doing all this in close partnership with health and care services and the people who rely on its technology – professionals and patients.

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