ANCILE Solutions has brought its content creation and in-app learning platform, uPerform®, to the UK healthcare sector. In a recent webinar, some of the most experienced chief information officers in the NHS discussed the challenges that they had encountered in training staff ahead of major system go-lives.

Bobby Zarr, senior director of healthcare strategy at ANCILE Solutions, explained how the system had helped him to prepare for an Epic go-live at Infirmary Health in the US, and how uPerform can unlock the productivity paradox.

Training is a hot topic in healthcare IT. Although, as Cindy Fedell, a former NHS chief information officer who is now working in Canada, told the webinar audience, it has never exactly been cold. “It has always been an issue for us in the health tech world,” she said. “It is one of the things that we often say we could do better.”

Research suggests that 70% of the success of an electronic patient record project can rest on effective user adoption. When this doesn’t happen, it can take a long time for an IT deployment to deliver the standardised, streamlined ways of working that will have been outlined in its business case.

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