The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in a wave of digital transformation – with this we have fundamentally shifted the way that patients interact with the NHS and that providers meet with their patients. This has been enabled through the adoption of varying digital solutions but as they are provided by third-party suppliers, there is a risk that they undermine deep-rooted patient trust in the NHS.

The NHS brand is one of the most trusted in the world and indeed in the UK.

Research for NHS England1 found that the public and patients were “confused and unsettled” by non-standard NHS branding on healthcare services and were “particularly sceptical about commercial third-party suppliers employing the logo alongside their own brands”.

Last year we surveyed over 1000 Britons about their attitudes and behaviours toward online consultations, and 63% of respondents said that they felt more comfortable with online consultations provided directly through their healthcare provider.

As digital services become embedded in the NHS, with the myriad benefits they bring, it is all the more important that commissioners of these services ensure their branding is familiar, reassuring, and builds trust – not barriers.

Find out more about Visiba Care’s approach to branding and why white labelling is critical below.

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