The latest episode of Digital Health Unplugged is now live – this time we take a look at Queertech and why it’s needed in the NHS.

Queertech encompasses digital health tools that are designed to be inclusive of the LGBT+ community – both new tools and technology that’s been around for a while.

Tune in to hear from:

  • Brett Hatfield, NHS Navigator at the accelerator DigitalHealth.London
  • Mathew Watt, Senior Delivery Manager of Innovation, NHSX
  • Lizzie Streeter, National LGBT programme manager at NHSE
  • Paul Gavin, Deputy Director of health inequalities at NHSE

In the episode we take a look at how technology can be more inclusive, including being gender neutral and recognising that many people identify between the spectrum of male and female. LGBT+ data collection is also essential for technology and service planning – “If you don’t count us we don’t count”, Streeter explains.

Hatfield recently wrote a feature for Digital Health on Queertech: Procuring with Pride – you can read the piece here.

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