Most people in the UK own smart devices and, increasingly, expect to be able to use them to engage with the health service. During the pandemic, Inhealthcare worked with the NHS to roll-out one of the first virtual wards, bringing care to more than 25,000 people and helping to reduce intensive care admissions.

The company is drawing on this experience to launch and expand a wide range of increasingly sophisticated virtual wards for conditions such as hypertension, COPD, heart disease, depression and cancer. Patients can be ‘stepped up’ to continuous monitoring or ‘stepped down’ to less frequent monitoring, a blended approach which can reduce hospital re-admissions.

Inhealthcare’s digital technologies fully integrate with NHS systems, making it easier for patients to access services and allowing clinicians to retrieve the latest patient demographics. True integration is key to enable earlier supported discharge from hospital and provide alternatives to admission.

Effective transformation also means being truly digitally inclusive. Inhealthcare offers a choice of communication channels, so that people without smart phones or internet access are not left behind.

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