In a world rich with digital transformation innovations, it can be easy to overlook technology such as electronic document management systems (EDMS). In fact, market reports suggest that up to 50% of NHS Trusts are still without such a solution, with many relying on legacy systems and a number of new EDMS deployments having stalled.

With the digitisation of patient data set to continue as a priority, the opportunity to realise numerous transformational benefits, fiscal and otherwise, through the deployment of an EDMS is clear. The complexity of such projects, however, can be a barrier for Trusts dealing with heavy workloads and stretched resources.

That’s why leading EDMS provider Mizaic has put together a comprehensive guide which provides a practical and insightful exploration into the creation of an economic case for EDMS technology. Drawing upon experience gained from successful NHS deployments, the guide shines a light on what to consider, and who to involve, for example, and highlights which metrics matter when modelling the cost and benefits of such an investment.

The aim is to help Trusts take a step back and think about how they can advance their digital maturity, piece by piece. A wider perspective can benefit clinicians, patients and many more NHS stakeholders.

Read the full guide here

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