Enovacom is a unique interoperability solution provider, committed to improving the day-to-day workload of caregivers through more efficient use of data. They offer tailor-made solutions which enable healthcare organisations internationally to protect, access, exchange, standardise and share their data. Their new guide demonstrates how drawing on Enovacom’s expertise and implementing their solutions can propel healthcare organisations to the highest EMRAM stages.

The HIMSS EMRAM (Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model) certification is an internationally recognised quality label that demonstrates a healthcare organisation’s commitment to improving care through effective use of electronic medical records. Enovacom’s guide explains what is required at each stage of EMRAM.

Stage 7 represents the highest degree of digital maturity in healthcare organisations, with integrated and computerised medical records widely used to improve care quality and operational efficiency. Enovacom offers a comprehensive set of tools and solutions for hospitals aiming to reach this stage.

These include: advanced interoperability solutions that enable hospitals to seamlessly integrate different systems as well as all biomedical devices; help to achieve compliance with strict data security and data protection regulations; data analysis; in-depth training for hospital staff to have complete autonomy over the system, as well as continuous technical support; and expert change management advice.

Enovacom’s comprehensive approach aligns with the essential criteria for achieving HIMSS EMRAM, helping organisations facilitate digital adoption to achieve healthcare excellence.

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