•  21 February 2020
     12:30 - 13:30

Royal United Bath Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were facing a number of challenges around digital technology as part of the drive to move to a paperless hospital. Challenges included delivering rapid access to electronic systems which were taking an average of almost 2 minutes to log in to as well as addressing governance issues such as smartcards being left in computers.

The STP Digital Programme Board challenged their Technical Design Authority to analyse the needs across the STP and recommend a solution. After a thorough evaluation, the answer was Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-on and Authentication Management, a proven solution to address key challenges around clinician access to systems and streamlined workflows to support patient care.

Liam and his team were able to quickly deploy the solution and address the key challenges being faced. Login times were reduced to a matter of seconds and governance policies adhered to. Key to the success was driving adoption of the solution through strong relationships with frontline staff and clearly demonstratable benefits.

This webinar will discuss the challenges faced in Trusts as well as STPs in moving to a paperless environment, the cross-STP approach to addressing these challenges and how engaging frontline staff is a key element of delivering a successful project.

We’ll cover:
• Approaches to digital transformation and how piloting can help
• Working together as part of an STP to deliver success
• How Single Sign-on really is a differentiator for digital transformation
• How end user engagement drives adoption

Liam Abbott, Head of IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security Lead at Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

Andy Wilcox, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Imprivata