Digital Health’s Unplugged podcast is back in 2020 with a fresh new vibe – we will be publishing monthly news debriefings alongside our usual panel discussions.

The new fortnightly schedule will alternate between discussions with the news team and conversations with industry experts, bring you all the latest information on health and technology.

This week’s podcast is our first news debriefing with Hannah Crouch, Digital Health’s editor; Owen Hughes, senior reporter; Andrea Downey, senior reporter; and Jon Hoeksma, editor in chief.

Join us as we look at the biggest stories of the last month and what they mean for the digital health landscape, including secretive meetings about commercialising patient data, a move towards the Care Quality Commission assessing how appropriately trusts and providers are using digital solutions, and the £40 million announced for improved login times for NHS staff.

You can listen to the podcast through the SoundCloud link above, or download it from

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