There was a renewed focus on the NHS technology agenda in the lead up to, and weeks after, December’s election – from funding for improved login times to revolutionary artificial intelligence programmes.

NHSX chief executive Matthew Gould joins Andrea Downey on this week’s podcast to talk funding, technology, standards and provide an update on NHSX’s core commitments.

Gould gives us a look into how the newly announced £40m funding for improved login times will be allocated; what the Digital Aspirant programme will entail; and how organisations like NHSX will set out “what good looks like” through standards that will feed into how the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will begin to assess digital capabilities.

He also provides an update on the five key objectives NHSX launched with and what’s been going on within the organisation since it’s launch in July 2019.

NHSX is currently working with providers to determine if a minimum technology spend should be mandated, according to new NHS planning guidance. The same guidance confirms the organisation will set out its approach for mandating technology, security and data standards in early 2020/21.

You can have your say on whether you think NHSX should set a minimum technology spend on our poll.

Gould is a keynote speaker at Digital Health Rewired where he will talk about his personal priorities for digitising the NHS; the new team leading NHSX; the prospects for investment in digital; and key milestones for the year ahead.

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