The first Digital Health Unplugged for 2021 is live – this time taking a look at what the year has in store for health technology.

Taking part in our expert panel is:

  • Dr Simon Eccles, CCIO at NHSX
  • Catherine Dampney, Director of BI Innovation and Transformation at NHS South, Central and West
  • Adrian Byrne, CIO University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and chair of the Digital Health CIO Network
  • Jon Hoeksma, editor-in-chief of Digital Health

Tune in to hear what they think 2021 holds, the digital solutions that will be most promising, and what will be carried through from 2020.

As you probably guessed, remote consultations still holds a lot of focus, as do technologies that have the power to free up clinician’s time such as artificial intelligence.

But also, the importance of ensuring clinicians and NHS staff are set up with the right technology, particularly when working from home, cannot be forgotten as we start the new year.

After our brief Christmas break Digital Health Unplugged is back to its usual fortnightly publishing schedule, with the next episode due to be published on 26 January.

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