When Covid-19 hit the UK, Radar Healthcare had already been in place at Malling Health – a country-wide organisation of GP practices and Urgent Care and out of hours services – for 12 months.

With new Covid-19 guidance being published on a regular basis, staff at Malling Health turned to Radar to ensure they were kept right up to date with all the latest changes. As the guidance was updated, Joanne Howard, the Director of Nursing and Quality at Malling Health, was able to post notices about the changes quickly via Radar. With the knowledge it came direct from Joanne meant staff knew immediately to prioritise the notice.

Joanne said the ability to send notices out directly helped put “myth busters to bed” and give staff “clear guidance”.

As well as benefitting staff, the introduction of Radar was also good news for patients.

“The single point in all of this is that our staff are informed to be able to do their job and that means that the people that are going to benefit most from that are the patients,” Joanne explains.

“Ultimately, all of this that we are doing is for the endgame, which is to make sure the patients get a really good high quality of care and the right care.”

For anyone who may be thinking of installing a system like Radar, Joanne emphasised the importance of having a roll out plan.

She also stressed the importance of listening to the end users.

“When your end users are saying to you, ‘this isn’t clear to me’, that means it is not clear so listen to them,” Joanne adds.

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