This episode of Digital Health Unplugged, brought to you in partnership with Specops, focuses on all things cyber security in the NHS and healthcare sector.

Host Jordan Sollof is joined by Darren James, head of internal IT and product specialist at Specops, to talk about the current cyber landscape in healthcare, including the common types of cyber threats that the NHS is facing on a regular basis.

Darren then explains what the NHS can learn from previous cyber attacks, such as WannaCry and Advanced, before giving healthcare organisations some top tips and best practice on being as prepared as possible for an attack.

Finally, the lack of national policy and the recent government cyber strategy is discussed before Darren brings out his crystal ball and attempts to predict what could happen in the next few years with regards to cyber security in the NHS.

Digital Health would like to thank its partner for this episode Specops Software, a leading password management and authentication solution vendor.

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