The health IT specialist says it expects to achieve revenues of between €315m and €330m for 2010, a projected 19% increase, and operating profit (EBITDA) between €67m and €73m in 2010.

"I am proud of the progress of our company and the performance of our employees," said Frank Gotthardt, CompuGroup’s founder and chief executive officer. "The progress we have made, in particular during the past two quarters, demonstrates that we are successfully managing and continuing our growth by focusing on our core business."

Gotthardt added that there remains big potential for efficiency savings in the health sector, underpinned by IT. "We are going on the assumption that ‘more health’ and ‘more efficiency’ can be achieved in this area with the use of our software solutions. These effects could be in the range of as much as 15% of all healthcare spending.”

CompuGroup has approximately 2,800 employees in 18 different countries, and develops intelligent software for private practice physicians, dentists, hospitals and consumers. In its home market the company says almost 50% of private practice physicians uses CompuGroup systems, with approximately 326,000 users worldwide.