Dudley gets renal system through Siemens

  • 18 August 2010

The Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has implemented a renal patient management system from Mediqal to provide a clinical patient database for renal specialities.

The Russells Hall Hospital has implemented the specialist system under its-15 year managed equipment service agreement with Siemens Healthcare.

The eMedRenal software manages patient information from referral through to dialyses, treatment and transplants.

It provides clinicians with demographic information, clinical notes, medications, radiology information and dialysis treatment as well as being able to schedule clinic and referral appointments.

Dr Shiva Kumar, a consultant physician and nephrologist at Russells Hall Hospital, said: “We have improved our patient care by using eMedRenal, allowing physicians to change therapy or dialysis prescriptions and assisting with communication between people working on different sites or departments.

“All nursing documentation is now online, improving our ability to audit quality and we plan to roll out the medical and secretarial module shortly to provide better communication to our primary care colleagues.

"This has resulted in an integrated and organised approach to patient care and we are delighted that the collaboration between the trust, Mediqal and Siemens has enabled us to achieve our end goal.”

According to the companies, the managed service agreement that was already in place between Siemens and the trust meant that the implementation could be completed within 16 weeks.

The software can now be accessed in numerous sites across the trust, including renal unit and outpatient clinics to provide a full view of patient information.

Garry Marshall, IT services manager at Siemens healthcare, said: “Our partnership with Dudley ensures that the trust has access to the latest medical equipment and solutions now and in the future.

“Working with Mediqal to implement a new renal management solution means that staff are not only using the latest technology to improve patient care, but they can feel confident that all patient data is stored securely within it.

"Vendor independence also gives flexibility to the trust so that it is using the most effective technology as its needs evolve."

Links: Siemens Healthcare


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