University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust has signed a three year deal with iBleep for its communication and task management system.

iBleep is an interactive, web-based messaging system that is designed to pass critical information from ward nurses to on-call doctors via a wireless or mobile telecoms network.

Ward nurses enter observations scores that are converted into an early warning score so doctors can recognise the urgency of the call and respond accordingly.

South Manchester will be using the system on its Wythenshawe site. The iBleep system will initially be used for on-call doctors working from 7.30pm to 8am and at weekends. But it will be rolled-out to the entire team.

The trust will be using a range of devices for the roll-out. In the hospital, it will predominantly be using Somo PDAs on its Vanix wireless network. However, out-reach staff may use other devices, including iPhones.

Bhaskar Mahendrakar, the hospital’s 24/7 project manager, said the trust had decided to implement iBleep to deliver safer care to patients, while improving operational efficiency.

“iBleep will enable us to gather intelligence of service improvement initiatives and to gain efficiencies through collaborative working between doctors, nurses and admin teams,” he said.

Manchester is one of a number of trusts to implement the system, which was first used in Salford and Stockport. Roy Walters, managing director of iBleep, said evidence that it could generate efficiency savings was driving interest in the system.

“The steady data stream generated from the iBleep system provides clear evidence for an organisation to streamline service, reduce avoidable delays and most importantly to improve patient care,” he said.