Allocate Software, a supplier of workforce management tools, has partnered with RealTime Health, a supplier of patient flow software, which won the EHI Awards 2011 in association with BT.

RealTime Health’s software can be used to improve clinical processes, leading to reduced length of stay, as well as improvements in the quality of care and financial performance.

A statement from Allocate Software says its acquisition will give its NHS customers the option to work with a single software supplier to manage clinical activity, patient flow and bed management, alongside workforce management, governance and compliance.

Ian Bowles, the company’s chief executive, said: “RealTime has been proven to deliver significant return on investment through better planning of patient discharge.

“Combined with our HealthSuite Software portfolio, our customers now have access to a suite of unrivalled and integrated tools and expertise to allow them to make the most of available capacity and to make sure their resources are closely aligned to patient demand and productivity objectives.”

StockMarketWire says Allocate has acquired RealTime Healtyh for an initial cash consideration of £1.2m from its founders and management. This could rise to £7.2m if growth targets are met.

RealTime has been sold to eight NHS trusts in the UK, while Allocate works with almost all NHS trusts, where it is probably best known for its HealthRoster solution.

In August, Allocate also bought Zircadian, a provider of software for managing and monitoring doctors and locums.