Two hospital staff have reportedly been disciplined after accessing the personal details of Ed Sheeran for no legitimate reason.

Ipswich Hospital told the BBC that a medical staff member had been given a written warning and a member of admin staff sacked following the incident.

The hospital said the action was taken after 16 October 2017, which is reportedly the date on which the singer was admitted with a broken wrist and elbow.

An FOI request revealed that both staff members “accessed patient information without legitimate or clinical reason”.

It is understood Sheeran was asked to sign autographs and pose for photographs by some Ipswich Hospital staff while he was there.

The use of patient data was recently explored when a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Home Office attracted a wave of criticism.

The MOU allows the Home Office to gain access to patient data – including non-clinical information – for the purpose of tracing immigration offenders and vulnerable people.

In May 2018, the government significantly revised an agreement that meant Home Office immigration staff will only be able to use data to trace people that are being considered for deportation because they have committed a serious crime.