Digital health providers are calling on more people to join a council which has been set up to help drive transformation across the NHS.

Ada, Babylon, Care UK, DoctorLink, Index Medical, Push Doctor and Zava are part of the Digital Healthcare Council (DHC), which was set up in 2017.

Graham Kendall, strategic communications and government relations expert, has been appointed as the director of the DHC.

He will be working to tackle the challenges faced by digital health providers, promote a greater understanding of technology’s contribution to the healthcare industry and become a voice for transformation.

Graham said: “All too often, the current market dynamics and regulations are designed for an analogue age. These need to change so that digital innovators can thrive while always ensuring patients’ interests are paramount.

“The Digital Healthcare Council has a critical role to play getting that balance right: bringing together cutting edge digital health innovators with policymakers to shape the best environment for patients and we’d encourage all digital providers to join us for this exciting next phase of the Council building on our existing relationships.”

The DHC was set up in order to create a sector-focussed council. Since its inception the Council has engaged with key national organisations and stakeholders to make sure the issues which matter to it and the wider digital health community are reflected in the development of policy and regulation.