Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has partnered with credentialing software provider IntelliCentrics to improve assurance for patients being cared for at home.

Bridgewater will use IntelliCentrics’s Sec3ure Passport platform so that patients can view information about a visiting healthcare practitioner they arrive, including the time of their visit arriving and their specific medical credentials.

Meanwhile, healthcare professionals attending patients’ homes will be able to see information about the environment they will be entering so they can plan care accordingly.

The information will be viewable from a patient-facing mobile app and, for those who wish to have the information in a simple format without the use of an app, SMS text will also be a preference option.

The platform will be delivered in partnership with NHS Shared Business Services and will be provided for free to patients and their families.

IntelliCentrics said the partnership aimed to establish “bilateral trust” between patients and clinicians.

Rachael Colley, head of procurement Solutions and innovation at NHS Shared Business Services, said: “It is great to see new technology being developed with the Trust that so many other care organisations can now take advantage of.

“The new system ensures that patients are only contacted by professionals that are registered and approved contractors, which offers an enhanced level of patient protection and means patients can focus on getting the right care at the right time.”

Bridgewater is a leading provider of community health services in the northwest of England.

The trust focuses on providing cost-effective NHS care by keeping people out of the hospital.

The majority of its services are delivered in patients’ homes or at locations close to where they live, such as clinics, health centres, GP practices, community centres and schools.

Michelle Collier, procurement manager of Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, added: “When high-quality care is delivered more deeply into our communities, everyone wins. And bilateral trust plays a very important role.”

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