The team behind the Wirral Care Record have explained why the platform is beneficial for clinicians and patients. 

The Wirral Care Record (WCR) is a digital care record that includes patient health and social care information across the region.

It brings data from different organisations together so the same information can be viewed across its footprint. It is a read-only record, and data cannot be edited directly.

Powered by Cerner’s intelligence platform HealtheIntent, the aim of the WCR is to help care providers and commissioners in Wirral better know their population, identify risks and apply clinical recommendations to the public, with a view to keeping them more engaged and healthy.

An event was held in September to officially launch the WCR and was attended by more than 100 people.

Core themes discussed during the day centred around optimising patient experience and improving outcomes.

Attendees were able to find out more about understanding patient data and analytics, and heard from a number of individuals involved in the project.

This included Paul Charnley, director of IT and information at Wirral University Teaching Hospital, and Jacqui Cooper, CNIO at Wirral University Teaching Hospital.

Speaking to Digital Health News after the event, Emma Danton, population health project manager in Wirral, outlined the benefits for clinicians and patients.

She explained that, because all the information was in one place, it meant clinicians had a “complete picture of the patient in front of them”, which is “crucial” for healthcare.

Meanwhile, patients receive a “consistent” message about their care, Danton said.

This sentiment was echoed by GP Dr Thomas Wyatt, who touted the Wirral Care Record as a “clinically-led system” that helped reduce the duplication of information.

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