Digital Health Unplugged is bringing you a special edition of the podcast this week, focusing on coronavirus and the response from the NHS and suppliers on the ongoing outbreak.

There have been countless updates coming through on the current situation, so alongside our usual podcast schedule we thought we would bring you a special edition to talk through the biggest stories we’ve reported on Covid-19 so far; how suppliers have responded to the outbreak and what central NHS is doing to cope with the situation.

Join our news team, editor Hannah Crouch and senior reporters, Andrea Downey and Owen Hughes, as they talk through the Covid-19 stories making headlines on Digital Health.

This includes the news that sick notes are now available digitally through NHS 111, which is has been the most read story on Digital Health News for two weeks. The team also discusses the news that Microsoft Teams is now available across the NHS to improve communication and support remote working, as well as a contact tracking app that NHSX is working on to track the spread of the virus.

Several IT suppliers have also made their products free to use to help the NHS cope with unprecedented patient demand.

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