Digital Health Rewired has come and gone for another year, with some 1,800 people attending the event. A key theme at this year’s Leadership Summit and Expo was diversity, inclusion and representation, and Digital Health Unplugged hosted its first, but certainly not last, all-women panel discussion.

Joining host Andrea Downey to talk about all things Rewired, leadership and diversity were:

  • Prof Julia Riley, clinical lead at Coordinate My Care and consultant in palliative medicine at the Royal Marsden NHS Trust
  • Yinka Makinde, programme director DigitalHealth.London
  • Mandy Griffin, CIO at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS FT
  • Natasha Phillips, CNIO at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and newly announced CNIO for NHSX

The panel discussed their experience as women working in technology roles within the NHS; the importance of getting diversity and representation right when developing new technologies; diversifying leadership roles and their advice to other women looking to work in the industry.

Plus, you can hear about the great work they are doing within their own organisations to foster inclusivity.

The podcast also coincides with International Women’s Day on 8 March, which this year has a focus on celebrating digital advancement and championing women forging innovation through technology.

*Sometimes recording on site doesn’t lend itself to perfect recording conditions, so please forgive us for the traffic noise in the background. Luckily the panel discussion more than makes up for it!

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