Hospital patients will be able to access a range of free media services over the Christmas period and beyond.

WiFi SPARK is offering a package of its entertainment platform, SPARK Media, to NHS trusts and health boards that already have its WiFi services installed, without any additional costs.

It means that over Christmas anyone who has to stay in hospitals which have WiFi SPARK products will be able to listen to hospital radio, play sudoku, log on to NHS apps and sites – such as healthy living and education videos about their condition – and access dementia support services including BBC Music Memories and BBC Archive.

They will also be able to connect to online charity sites which is hoped will encourage donations so services that have suffered due to a downturn in fundraising through the pandemic can continue.

Ian Spark, head of healthcare at WiFi SPARK, said: “We know that being in hospital over Christmas will be a tough time for many patients, so we want to do something that will help keep them entertained and able to access information that might be useful to them even after they are discharged.

“This Christmas is going to be particularly difficult for anyone in hospital because of a lack of visitors due to Covid-19 restrictions, so we hope that keeping people occupied in a positive way will help, and of course, they will also be able to use our WiFi to contact family and friends, so that might make things a little easier.”

The offer is not limited to the Christmas period; any NHS trust or health board that wishes to install the bespoke SPARK Media platform will be able to access the services for the whole length of its WiFi services contract.