Liva Healthcare has secured €24.5 million (£22m) investment to bolster its position as a digital health solution for chronic disease prevention and management.

The shift in public favour towards remote healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic has increased interest in the service, the company said.

It hopes to take “full advantage” of this to widen its European operations with the investment from Verlinvest.

The company, based in London and Copenhagen, provides a digital solution for people at risk of, or living with, chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases by driving positive behavioural change.

Liva is currently used by Amgen, AXA Health, City of Copenhagen, Bupa Australia and several other key players in public healthcare, insurance and life science industries.

It is also a partner to NHS England on its National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

André Sode, chief executive of Liva Healthcare, said: “This new funding, from one of Europe’s strongest purpose-led, consumer growth investors, will substantially accelerate our expansion in core European markets.

“Covid-19 has demonstrated how effective remote digital health solutions can be. With healthcare providers around the world looking for scalable solutions to combat the rise in diabetes and obesity, we are ideally placed to support and have experienced a significant increase in interest as a result.”

Simone Sallustio, executive director at Verlinvest, added: “Digital healthcare has been vital in getting treatment to patients during the pandemic and this trend will continue as effective virtual programmes give people more flexible healthcare options.

“Liva’s advanced technology and proven clinical outcomes set it apart from its competitors. In this exciting and rapidly evolving space, Liva’s experience and established partnerships represent a strategic choice for Verlinvest.”