Social prescribing software provider, Elemental, has become the first of its kind to be awarded a place on the NHS GP IT Futures framework.

Elemental’s digital platform for social prescribing helps healthcare professionals to signpost their patients to non-medical support services which can improve their wellbeing. Its addition to the NHS GP IT Futures framework will now make it easier for some 7,000 GP practices to choose Elemental’s solutions and help boost the overall adoption of social prescribing.

The NHS GP IT Futures framework enables GPs, practice staff, suppliers and buyers within Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) to identify, compare and procure the IT services that will meet their requirements. In order to be included in the GP IT Futures Digital Buying Catalogue, Elemental had to meet all the standards and capabilities set out within the new framework as well as gain approval from NHS Digital.

The framework aims to deliver more innovative use of the data collected by GP systems. Elemental’s inclusion in the programme will ensure that both patients and clinical users can safely and securely access and share primary care data in real time.

Jennifer Neff, CEO and co-founder of Elemental, said, “We are so proud to have been awarded a place on the NHS GP IT Futures framework and for becoming the first end-to-end digital social prescribing software provider to do so… Over the last few years, we’ve spoken to many GPs and commissioners who have struggled with the current state of systems at GP practices and who have been limited in procurement choice and availability across social prescribing and personalised care, so for us, this is a huge step towards better choice for professionals, and better outcomes for patients”.

During the Covid pandemic, there has been a 147% increase in the number of people seeking social support, according to the company. As well as providing the technical know-how required for multi-sector partnerships, Elemental also has the ability to scale and measure health and wellbeing within the community.

Earlier this year a two-way integration between Elemental and EMIS Web meant that GPs had enhanced functionality to see the uptake and impact of their social prescribing referrals.