Cegedim Healthcare Solutions has revealed a new integration with collection robots as well as partnerships with MedPoint and Pharamself24.

The move will mean pharmacies are able to offer a wider choice and added flexibility to their dispensing workflow, benefitting both pharmacists and their patients.

According to the company, the integration means pharmacy teams will spend less time handling administrative tasks, freeing them up to spend more time providing expert advice and care to patients and improving productivity. For patients, the benefits include round-the-clock access to their medications with no more opening hour barriers, and less time spent queueing.

Adam Dennett, managing director, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, said: “We are confident that our new integration with collection robots and partnership with MedPoint and Pharmaself24 will allow pharmacists to spend more time delivering care, offering professional advice and improving their business and sales whilst delivering a convenient service for both themselves and their patients. This is an important step towards our vision for fully integrated community-based healthcare.”

Cegedim’s long-term strategy is for fully integrated community-based healthcare, with pharmacists playing a key part within multidisciplinary teams. It recognises that pharmacies are an indispensable part of the urgent care pathway, and it hopes collection robots will support this vision.

In May last year, Cegedim unveiled its five-year partnership with Boots, supporting the high street chemist’s dispensing services.