The news team gather in person for the latest episode of Unplugged as they discuss the ongoing Advanced cyber-attack story and the current lack of national policy around cyber defence.

Junior news reporter Jordan Sollof hosts and is joined by editor Hannah Crouch and Digital Health’s CEO and editor-in-chief Jon Hoeksma.

The trio discuss the entire Advanced cyber-attack saga from when the news first broke in early August up until Jon’s most recent stories in October, one of which revealed that client data had been exfiltrated in the attack.

The other highlighted that the NHS is struggling to recover electronic patient records (EPRs) for a group of 12 mental health trusts following the cyber security attack.

The news team then debate whether cyber security is taken seriously enough in the NHS and why there is a lack of movement on national policy.

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*This episode was recorded on Tuesday 18 October 2022 and therefore some of the discussion may now seem outdated as the UK has since changed prime minister and health secretary.*