Salesforce has announced its new Patient 360 for Health innovations, which will help deliver cost savings and improve patient care.

To do this the new innovations use automation, real-time data and personalised intelligence, and position the patient at the centre of everything.

Healthcare and life science organisations will be supported to deliver comprehensive patient success and equitable care with improved efficiency.

LaShonda Anderson-Williams, chief revenue officer for healthcare and life sciences at Salesforce, said: “Today’s organisations must invest in streamlined solutions that increase time-to-value, cost savings, and efficiency without compromising patient outcomes.

“Patient 360 for Health innovations give customers cost-saving automation, personalised intelligence, and real-time data tools to help deliver patient success now — even in the face of increasing costs and labour shortages.”

The newest innovations include:

Behaviour Health: Enabling teams to personalise engagement for patients, and provide access to behavioural health services more efficiently.

Advanced Therapy Management: Connecting everyone involved in a patient’s therapy journey. It also helps pharmaceutical companies streamline and maintain full visibility around the entire treatment process.

Interactive Health Timeline: Making it easy for care providers to view and filter a patient’s health milestones and behavioural events, such as hospital visits, life events and prescriptions.

Intelligent Assessments: Supporting care teams and counsellors to capture behavioural health assessments over the phone. This helps to identify risk levels and personalise care for those experiencing mental health issues.

Crisis Center Support: Delivering crisis centre counsellors access to pre-configured workflows to help identify risk of self-harm. At the same time it automatically compiles crisis centre reporting from a single console.

Patient Care Coordination: Enabled by Slack, this allows care teams to access apps that will improve patient case management and outcomes.

Salesforce Genie for Healthcare: Integrating real-time clinical data to create a more comprehensive patient profile. This gives a more holistic snapshot of the patient to help personalise engagement and optimise patient outcomes.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Healthcare: Bringing together the most important patient information by unifying data from clinical and non-clinical systems.

Automation for Utilisation Management: Helpings providers to streamline information exchange and more efficiently collaborate on care requests.

Commerce Marketplace for Healthcare: Helping pharmaceutical and medical device companies launch their own digital marketplace.

Subscriptions for Healthcare: Supporting pharmaceutical and medical device companies provide customers with different subscription models.

Personalised care has become a key focus within healthcare, something which the new innovations are aiming to enable.

In the NHS we have recently seen Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust implement new digital solutions to help achieve the delivery of personalised follow-up pathways.