HealthHero has launched a new integrated digital solution for workplace wellbeing, in response to new research revealing the festive period negatively impacted on office workers’ health.

According to the digital healthcare company, 31% of employees say managing an increased seasonal workload causes them stress, with 36% stating that the holiday season negatively impacts their mental health.

Yet despite this, an overwhelming 82% of workers say there is no change to the support they receive from employers for their mental or physical wellbeing.

With this in mind HealthHero has launched Symbio – a digital solution to help boost workplace wellbeing.

The platform and app provides personalised, holistic support to employees for both mental and physical wellbeing. The central dashboard delivers data-driven insights and access to a library of self-guided programmes which combine with on-demand clinical services.

Ranjan Singh, co-founder and CEO of HealthHero, said: “Symbio addresses both the mental and physical health needs of employees and demonstrates employer’s acknowledgement of the value of investing in workplace wellbeing.

“Businesses who won’t commit to protecting employee health are ignoring the significant benefits to prioritising the health of staff; employee loyalty, motivation, satisfaction, attitude, and performance are all improved.”

Users have the ability to track their mood, carry out regular wellbeing check-ins and gain a better understanding of how their health and wellbeing is being affected. They will also be provided with a whole health score from Symbio which will change as new health behaviours are adopted.

The Symbio app provides an easy booking system, giving access to verified and experienced clinical professionals to help with any medical problems. In addition, there is also clinically-validated content available providing self-therapeutic resources tailored to individual needs.

Two years ago HealthHero acquired Irish telehealth service MyClinic giving Irish patients a direct offer, outside of businesses and insurance companies.