Digital health company Thriva has announced the launch of Thriva in Person (TiP), an expansion of its platform for organisations, Thriva Solutions.

TiP is designed to complement the end-to-end diagnostics-as-a service platform and to power a more flexible, multichannel service offering for businesses.

TiP allows Thriva Solutions to offer businesses a range of blood collection methods. Alongside its at-home finger prick tests, TiP will now offer customers a ‘venous draw’ option, where healthcare professionals collect blood from patients’ veins.

By introducing an assisted collection option, Thriva allows businesses to offer individuals greater accessibility to testing services, empowering them to proactively manage their health in a way that best suits their needs.  

With access to Thriva’s partner network of over 150 nationwide clinics, customers can conveniently have their venous samples collected by trained nurses at a location of their choice.

Additionally, Thriva offers home visits across the UK, enabling nurses to collect samples from customers’ homes and offices on their preferred day and time. For corporate clients, Thriva can arrange multiple draws at a corporate location on a half or full-day basis. 

Venous draw enables a broader range of blood tests, including full blood count and additional liver tests like Aspartate Transferase & Lipase, Creatine Kinase, and Magnesium, which are not typically conducted through self-collected samples at home. 

TiP provides customisation based on customer preferences, ensuring their needs regarding when, where, and how blood samples are collected are met, whilst at the same time, allowing businesses to provide more tailored, flexible blood testing packages.  

The more hybrid, multi-channel approach facilitates better data management, offering greater insights into customer behaviours, preferences, and needs, leading to improved services and more personalised experiences. 

Ted’s Health, UK’s digital healthcare service for men, uses Thriva Solutions to offer its customers streamlined diagnostic testing for male hormone levels.

On the launch of Thriva in Person, co-founder James Hurley said: “We love the new venous blood test service from Thriva. It’s hassle-free and streamlined, especially with Thriva taking care of the booking process.

“We’ve had nothing but great feedback from our patients, who appreciate how the new service has made it much easier to get their blood tests done.” 

Hamish Grierson, co-founder and CEO of Thriva, said: “”The introduction of Thriva in Person to our B2B platform, Thriva Solutions, offers businesses and organisations a comprehensive, inclusive and accessible blood testing service, allowing them to offer maximum choice and convenience to their customers.

“This expansion enhances the range of blood tests we are able to offer to businesses, aligning with our mission of empowering businesses to prioritise customers’ health and well-being.” 

The Thriva Solutions platform puts years of clinical and technical experience delivering remote screening diagnostics – reaching over 4m people with at-home tests – into a flexible and accessible platform for organisations that seamlessly integrates with existing digital systems to deliver insights via a simple API. The company recently launched a mobile app.