A new partnership between digital healthcare company Medbelle and Scotland’s largest private specialist group for musculoskeletal conditions is helping to enhance support for private patients.

Aberdeen Orthopaedics is a group of 12 experienced musculoskeletal consultants, all of whom are now partnered with Medbelle to ensure that patients can easily make appointments without a prior GP appointment or referral.

Typically, private patients must organise their own appointments and scans, dealing with a fragmented sector where documents are not always shared automatically or electronically, leading to delays.

Medbelle delivers a digital pathway for private patients, supporting them to discuss their care with a personal patient care advisor, book treatments online and access information on pricing and procedures. This helps to improve the experience of Aberdeen Orthopaedics’ patients and gives them time to focus on preparing for and recovering from any treatment.

James Bidwell, a specialist lower limb surgeon and member of Aberdeen Orthopaedics, said: “Our network has always aimed to improve the patient experience by adopting the latest equipment or surgical techniques. This approach should also apply to other aspects of patient care, like support with logistics, the referral process, and transparent guidance. This partnership with Medbelle allows us to continue improving the patient experience.”

Medbelle supports private patients from initial enquiry right through to aftercare. Its technology also supports the analysis of patient outcomes, which gives clinicians the opportunity to assess the impact of different treatments to ensure they’re always striving to deliver improved outcomes.

Dan Howcroft, Medbelle chief medical officer, said: “The vast clinical experience of Aberdeen Orthopaedics will play an important role in Medbelle’s mission to improve access to high-quality private healthcare. As more people rely on private treatment, it’s more important than ever that the sector enhances patient support.”