Health tech platform, Ally Health is teaming up with global healthcare delivery partner Acacium Group in a move that is set to transform clinical care at home through the power of technology.

The Ally Health platform will allow patients to make an appointment with an Acacium Group healthcare professional quickly and easily. The appointments can be booked to be held at home or other private settings. Several different procedures are available to book, including health checks, phlebotomy and wound dressing. It will help to make follow-up health appointments easier for patients to coordinate, boosting the likelihood that they do attend.

The technology behind Ally Health funnels appointment allocation towards Acacium Group’s clinical teams based on patient location, skills and availability requested. It means healthcare providers can expand the reach of their services to care for people living further away from their clinics. In addition, it supports flexible working models, allowing healthcare practitioners to pick up extra shifts within their community.

The platform also tracks and optimises healthcare practitioners’ routes to ensure safety, efficiency and resource utilisation.

Kelly Klifa, co-founder and CEO at Ally Health, said: “At a time where one in 20 patients have to wait at least four weeks to see a GP and over 60% of patients want flexible online options for appointments, our partnership allows providers to redefine how and where they deliver healthcare, ushering in a new era of patient-centricity.

“Previously, patients trying to access care at home often faced long waiting lists and uncertainty about when the healthcare professional will arrive at their home. Since going live nationwide in December, we have been able to increase patient access to the service by 40%. We see this as the beginning of a transformative journey for the UK healthcare system.”

Since the partnership went live, it has achieved a 5/5 patient experience ranking – underlying how valuable it is for patients to fit healthcare appointments around their busy lives.

Mike Barnard, CEO at Acacium Group, said: “By combining (Ally Health’s) innovative technology platform with our healthcare delivery expertise, we have the ability to reimagine the delivery of community care. What’s really exciting about this solution is its versatility – we have the potential to simplify the delivery of almost any type of care. This could range from phlebotomy and clinical photography to elective care, including virtual consultations and pre-operative assessments – the possibilities are endless.”

The home care model could help save the NHS millions as Cera – another home healthcare provider – said it will carry out five million care visits this winter, and predicted it could save the NHS as much as £100 million.