Sir Julian Hartley, CEO at NHS Providers and keynote speaker at Digital Health Rewired 2024, is the latest guest to join Jordan Sollof on Digital Health Unplugged.

Hartley chats about his career journey to date before explaining why collaboration and peer learning is crucial when it comes to digital transformation. He then discusses the recent Times Health Commission report and the ten-point plan for health, which has a digital focus.

Hartley also explains why it is difficult for organisations to advance the digital agenda in the system landscape before highlighting what NHS Providers are currently doing to help drive digital transformation in the NHS.

Finally, he looks ahead to Digital Health Rewired in Birmingham next month and gives a flavour of what he will talk about in his keynote session.

Hartley will be speaking on the Digital Transformation Stage on Wednesday 13th March at 3pm alongside Mike Bracken, founding partner of Public Digital, and Rachel Hope, director of Digital Prevention Services at NHS England.

Rewired24 takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on 12-13 March. You can view the full programme here. To attend, register here.

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