•  20 September 2022
     12:30 - 14:00

The Digital Health Regional Networks Event programme will see our fourth event of the series taking place, Tuesday 20 September, 12:30-14:00, and will focus on content from across the South East, South West and London.

The Regional Networks Event series is dedicated to NHS IT leaders, focused on sharing digital best practice, latest updates, developments, and implementations underway in a particular region. The benefits to Network Members attending these events is having the opportunity to learn from peers across the region, share their wins, seek out answers, learn from Network Sponsors on their latest products, services and client activity, and network with fellow members.

This programme of events is only open to our Network Members which include, digital health leaders from across the NHS, public sector, charitable sectors, academia, and our Network Sponsors.

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Welcome and introductions
Jon Hoeksma – CEO, Digital Health


Do hospitals we need a Department of Digital Medicine?
Peter Thomas – Chief Clinical Information Officer and Director of Digital Medicine, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Getting clinicians involved in digital transformation has been identified as a critical enabler to success. Three out of ten recommendations from the Wachter review (in the aftermath of the NPfIT) related to the role of clinical informatics and clinical informaticians in NHS trusts. However, we still see wide variation in the approaches taken by individual Trusts to embedding clinical support and leadership in IT and other digital programmes. In this talk, a qualitative research project will be described that engaged with 40 senior digital leaders in the NHS to understand how clinical informatics is delivered at their organisations. This work identified barriers and enablers to good practice, and explored how clinical informatics can better be structured in our hospitals. The findings lead to, and defined the development of, a new model at Moorfields Eye Hospital, a “Department of Digital Medicine”. This model will be described, and its progress in its first year will be honestly assessed – not only its successes, but also those areas that remain a challenge


Harnessing the power of Data Management
Tom Bartlett – Head of Performance and Information, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

The NHS is great at keeping data secure and is making good progress in developing analytical capability. Unfortunately the methods for treating data as an asset is almost unheard of. Without this, Trusts cannot know whether they are getting the most out of their data assets. Analysts and users can’t find the data they need, and don’t know whether they can trust it. For any given Trust the overall cost of collecting and managing clinical data is unknown, with the Carter report estimating this into the millions per Trust. This presentation gives a framework for Trusts to follow to solve this important and costly problem.




Innovating and delivering digital interventions in Mental Health
Lindsay Evans – Digital Interventions Clinical Lead, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Digital interventions have the potential to offer service users and clinicians increased choice, accessibility and consistency of care alongside other potential benefits such as reduction Co2 and increased productivity for administrative and clinical staff.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT) are partnered with Minddistrict, a secure, interactive eHealth platform, which enables Services to assign service users interventions, diaries and outcome measures that meet their care plans.  The platforms offers a catalogue of transdiagnostic and diagnostic content, alongside content built by SPFT to fit specific pathways and meet the needs of service users.

Examples of a blended group intervention and one-to-one interventions for specific care pathways will be presented.


Embracing Technology for Greener Future
Kate Townsend – Programme Manager, South East England, NHS England

The last few years has seen technological advancements in the NHS like no other period. This has coincided with the creation of the Greener NHS agenda and pledge – to go Net Zero by 2040. Within the South East Region, the Greener NHS team is uniquely well-placed within the Digital Transformation Team and the Medical Directorate. We are embracing this collaboration and have made our regional green priority focussed on digital models of care. This presentation will give an overview and demonstration of the various reports, platforms and toolkits that have been created to show the carbon savings (or sometimes increases!) from digital models of care and remote monitoring, and show the benefits of early collaboration and making sustainability a key component of strategic decision making and business as usual.


PhotoHub Project for GP Two Week Wait Referrals in North West Surrey
Dr Liz Nuttall – GP Partner, Staines, GP CCG Lead for Dermatology, North West Surrey.

In the presentation I will discuss the pathway for referrals and some initial data from the project.




Closing remarks
Jon Hoeksma – CEO, Digital Health

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