•  7 September 2021
     16:00 - 17:00

Join lead author Ben Gordon, Executive Director: Hubs and Data Improvement with Health Data Research UK, in discussion with Katie MacLure, Chair of BCS Health & Care Scotland, for our next live BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) BMJ HCI Journal Club hosted by Digital Health.

Read journal here: Development of a data utility framework to support effective health data curation 

The value of healthcare data is being increasingly recognised, including the need to improve health dataset utility. There is no established mechanism for evaluating healthcare dataset utility making it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of activities improving the data. To describe the method for generating and involving the user community in developing a proposed framework for evaluation and communication of healthcare dataset utility for given research areas. The research has developed an evidenced-based initial approach for a framework to understand the utility of a healthcare dataset. The process has resulted in a user-centred designed framework for objectively evaluating the likely utility of specific healthcare datasets, and therefore, should be of value both for potential users of health data, and for data custodians to identify the areas to provide the optimal value for data curation investment.

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