•  4 June 2024
     12:30 - 13:30

Join the authors – Hurmat Ali Shah and Mowafa Househ – in discussion with Katie MacLure (BCS Health & Care Scotland) for our live BCS BMJ HCI Journal Club hosted by Digital Health.



This journal club is based on a paper entitled, Mapping loneliness through social intelligence analysis: a step towards creating global loneliness map. In this original research article, the authors have conducted a review of X (Twitter) tweets using sentiment analysis.

Their aims were to:

  • provide proof of concept for a loneliness map where the dynamics of loneliness can be understood through publicly available social media and other online data
  • understand how the topics and themes associated with loneliness over Twitter relate to larger socioeconomic and personal-emotional categories
  • aggregate expression of loneliness, thus pointing to the dynamic nature of loneliness, even across the same country or does the expression change across the country relevant to different geographical or socioeconomic conditions.


The authors believe social media data can ‘provide insights into the multifaceted nature of loneliness. Given its subjectivity, loneliness experiences exhibit variability.’

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