•  7 May 2024
     17:00 - 18:00

Join the authors (Brian McMillan, Gail Davidge, Fatima Nadeem, Dawn Dowding, Kurt Wilson, Angela Davies) in discussion with Katie MacLure (BCS Health & Care Scotland) for our live BCS BMJ HCI Journal Club hosted by Digital Health.



This journal club is based on a paper entitled, Navigating the electronic health record in university education: helping health care professionals of the future prepare for 21st century practice

 In this short communication, the authors draw on the Topol review which identified that the NHS ‘needs to make sure that the education and training for future staff equips them with their full potential in the technology enhanced NHS’. In particular, they raise the need for multidisciplinary undergraduate health and care students to gain digital competencies around electronic health records and the potential long term benefits this can bring.

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