•  11 November 2022
     12:30 - 13:30

As of 1 July 2022, 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are formally established across England, under the Health and Care Act 2022.

This evolution of health and care delivery aims to enable multi-agency partnerships that span the NHS, local government, voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations, and other partners. This re-imagining of care delivery relies upon ensuring that many different agencies and organisations have access to the same patient information. Making the ICS vision a reality will require clear communication, fast, secure access to information, and enthusiastic adoption by clinicians and all other frontline workers, all in pursuit of better meeting the needs of the populations being served.

If you have been charged with leading ICS strategy, you’ll need:

  • A strategic approach to planning data access across the ICS, with a foundation in digital transformation
  • Strong management of digital identity for people and devices
  • A better experience for clinicians, with systems that are purpose-built for health and care delivery

In this webinar, hosted by Andy Wilcox, Senior Solutions and Enablement Manager at Imprivata, and Daniel Johnston MRes, RN, Senior Clinical Workflow Specialist & UK NHS Clinical Safety Officer, Imprivata, you’ll learn more about the vision for ICSs, and how to make that vision a reality at your organisation.

Tune in to hear about how a robust digital identity framework can help facilitate the process and:

  • Deliver patient information instantly at every point of care
  • Manage the full identity lifecycle, thereby reducing security risks and easing the burden of regulatory compliance
  • Improve workflows, resulting in gained efficiencies for clinicians and IT alike.


Andy WilcoxAndy Wilcox, Senior Solutions Marketing & Enablement Manager, Imprivata.

Andy Wilcox, Head of International Product Marketing, Imprivata is an experienced professional with over 17 years of experience managing and developing healthcare technology products and services for international healthcare markets.

Based in the UK, Andy has held a range of Product Marketing, Product Management, and Business Development positions in industry leading healthcare technology companies in the UK, driving customer growth and adoption in markets across EMEA and APAC. Andy has worked at Imprivata for over five years and has been instrumental in the development of Imprivata’s Digital Identity Framework.

Daniel JohnstonDaniel Johnston MRes, RN, Senior Clinical Workflow Specialist & UK NHS Clinical Safety Officer, Imprivata.

Daniel has assumed a range of leadership roles in emergency care provision in both clinical and R&D positions in NHS, Harvard University Hospitals and Health IT industry.

Throughout maintaining his clinical practice, Daniel has occupied management and operational roles directing frontline services to meet the contemporary challenges in healthcare provision. He is also a recipient of a NIHR Clinical Research Fellowship award at Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London, researching Emergency Department Overcrowding, Human Factors and Organisation Resilience.

Ian WillisIan Willis, Interim Head of IT, South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust

Ian is the Interim Head of IT at South Tees Hospitals. He has been in NHS IT for over 20 years; previously, as the Head of Digital Programmes, and before that he was an ICT Business Analyst. Ian is passionate about how IT can support clinicians to provide safer more effective clinical care. He is currently leading on an extensive programme of change as part of the NHS digital aspirants programme.