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Care.data concerns as new platform proposed

A proposal for a new platform for the national collection of confidential patient information is under consideration, as concerns continue
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iPatient Emis integration complete

iPatient has been approved as the first patient facing software available under the GP Systems of Choice contracts.
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NHS Digital to pilot EPS ‘Phase 4’ with 16 GP practices

The next phase of the roll-out of the Electronic Prescription Service will be tested in a limited pilot of 16
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Campaigners fear care.data plans still live

Parts of the controversial care.data programme could live on but with fewer options for patients to opt-out, MedConfidential has warned.
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Care.data: gone but not forgotten

Care.data has been officially dead for more than a month, but its legacy is far from buried. Ben Heather takes
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HSCIC to become NHS Digital

The Health and Social Care information Centre is being renamed NHS Digital and will have a new chair, Noel Gordon.
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