Two-thirds of GPs want to prescribe assistive tech to dementia patients

More than two-thirds of UK GPs would like to prescribe assistive technologies to their dementia patients, new research published today
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National Data Guardian poll reveals growing understanding of data sharing

A poll carried out by the National Data Guardian has shown a growing public understanding that data is vital for
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POLL: Should there be a mandatory minimum tech spend in the NHS?

NHSX is looking into the prospect of introducing a mandatory minimum technology spend for NHS trusts and Digital Health News
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POLL: Is NHSX CEO right to promote exposing the APIs of the NHS App?

Digital Health News is running a poll asking readers whether they think this approach by Matthew Gould is the right
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POLL: Will NHSX improve digital transformation in the NHS?

Overseeing digital transformation, the organisation brings together the Department of Health and Social Care, NHS England and NHS Improvement.
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Poll: Should there be restrictions on moving to the private sector after NHS employment?

We are asking readers to give their thoughts on whether there should be restrictions on how quickly individuals can jump
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