Danish medical equipment firm, Radiometer AG, have announced the launch of the first website to focus exclusively on blood gas analysis. The new site http://www.bloodgas.org provides practical information for healthcare professionals on key issues surrounding blood gas and critical care testing.

“No other site on the net deals primarily with blood gas,” explains Anne Skurup, editor of bloodgas.org. “In addition to articles by experts in the field, the site enables healthcare professionals to share real-life experiences and recommendations on how they deal with matters affecting their everyday work.

Registration to the new website is free of charge and enables users to gain complete access to all publications on http://www.bloodgas.org . All registered users can also sign up to receive a customised subscription to the newsletter ‘bloodgas.today’ detailing issues of particular interest to them.

The content of bloodgas.org is divided into four areas: technology, quality assurance, Point-of-care testing, and other topics. Themes dealt with include quality assurance at the point of care, reduction of pre-analytical errors, and optimisation of information management systems.

According to Ms Skurup the new site is a logical extension of Radiometer’s previous involvement in knowledge sharing. “Being an expert means giving something extra to those who interact with Radiometer. It goes beyond quality products. In our case, that something extra is among other things reliable and useful information,” said Ms Skurup.