German e-health firm InterComponentWare (ICW) has announced the formation of ICW Labs, a Silicon Valley based R&D organisation focused on the development and use of ICW’s eHealth technology.

Called ICW Labs the new organisation will be headed by Thomas Odenwald, described by ICW as a “veteran SAP technology leader and visionary”.

Odenwald brings extensive experience to his new post. He was the founding director of SAP Labs India and was responsible for integrating cutting edge technologies such as open source, Green IT, Semantic Web, RFID and Sensor Networks into the SAP portfolio.

The new ICW Lab will be resoponsible for expanding the ICW eHealth solution set. The new organization will work in tandem with the ICW product management team also located in San Mateo, California.

Jeremy Coote, CEO of InterComponentWare, commented: "Our European colleagues have moved quickly and with notable success into the eHealth marketplace. Having a dedicated Lab, headed by Thomas Odenwald and tasked with addressing country-specific needs, will increase our ability to share ICW’s innovative technologies and extensive eHealth experience within the US."