The programme for the EuroRec conference 2009 has been published, the event will be held on 1 September in Sarajevo.

The conference is part of the wider Medical Informatics Europe Conference 2009 (MIE2009) which takes place over three days from the 30 August to 2 September 2009.

The EuroRec Institute is an independent organisation that promotes the use of high quality Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems in Europe. One of its key aims is to support, as the European certification body, EHRs quality labeling and defining functional and other criteria.

The themes for this year’s event will include: the re-use of clinical care and of clinical trial data, personal health systems; personal electronic health records and professional electronic health records; interoperability through quality labeling; and certification and semantic interoperability.

It costs €100 for a one day pass, however, attendees to the MIE2009 conference can attend the EuroRec conference as part of their conference fee.

To register or find out more visit: