Nevill Hall Hospital in Gwent has announced it will implement a web browser-based diabetes care management solution from Hicom.

The hospital will use the solution to provide a data management and communication tool to make the treatment of diabetic patients more efficient. will replace the trust’s paper-based system and enable clinicians to access real-time patient information,. The trust hopes this will improve communication between medical teams and facilities.

Dr Leo Pinto, consultant physician and diabetologist at Nevill Hall, said: “Prior to implementing, we were using a mixture of paper-based casenotes and the trust’s intranet facilities to access patients’ test results and x-rays.

“This caused particular problems for patients receiving treatment for their diabetes at several different healthcare facilities as their data was being stored at a number of different locations.”

The new system allows clinicians to access one central database which stores the details of all the diabetic patients, including casenotes, test results and medication.

The based application can be accessed anywhere within the hospital using conventional web browsers.

It includes a comprehensive diabetes-related electronic patient record and has an integration engine which enables it to support integrated, multi-disciplinary healthcare.

Dr Pinto said: “It was also important that we selected a system that could be accessed from multiple sites as the trust operates across three major hospitals and several smaller satellite health care facilities throughout Gwent.

The trust intends to extend the pilot project of to its two other hospitals, Royal Gwent and Caerphilly District Miners Hospital, over the coming months.

Dr Pinto added. “Longer term plans within the trust also include integrating the system with our primary care partners, which would provide huge benefits to both staff and patients and would enable the trust to deliver a completely integrated diabetes care programme to its patients.”

Link: Hicom