Agfa Healthcare’s sales have continued to decrease dropping by 5.5% compared with last years figures

During Q3 of 2009 AGFA Gavaert said that is healthcare division made net sales of €275m, down from 2008 sales when Q3 sales were €291m.

However, in its third quarter results, the company claimed that the business group’s profitability had shown considerable improvement.

In the imagining market segment this was primarily due to lower raw material costs and increased operational efficiency.

In the IT division profitability increased as a result of the growth of business and improved selling, general and administrative expense cost position and its improved service efficiency.

The company’s recurring EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) was €35.4m equal to 12.9% of sales.

Agfa’s Healthcare’s EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) increased by 238% from €6.7m to €22.7m, or 8.3% of sales.

Earlier this year, Agfa Gavaert announced its Q2 healthcare sales had decreased by 5.8%.

The Belgian company blamed the economic crisis, which has caused customers in the US and certain European countries, to cause care organisations to delay their investment in computed radiology equipment and imaging IT.

Over the past three months, Agfa has continued to sign and complete a number of deals across the world.

It completed the first installation of its DX-D 500 direct radiology system at the Dortmund Knappschaftskrankenhaus hospital in Germany and has since signed deals in France, Germany and Spain.

The US air force also selected Agfa Healthcare’s IMPAX date Centre to manage and share clinical information and images across all of the US air force’s medical facilities in America.

As part of the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health’s national health information system program, Agfa HealthCare will install its IMPAX 6 picture archiving and communication system and computed radiography solution at 34 healthcare facilities.

At the beginning of September, Agfa Healthcare sold its CardioNow unit, a secure provider of clinical trial services, to BioClinica for an undisclosed amount.