Aerotel Medical Systems, an Israeli company specialising in mobile and home based telecare systems has partnered with Finnish personal safety device company EcoTec to launch a personal telecare service in Finland.

The GeoSkeeper, which is based on Aerotel’s personal safety and GPS location system, enables the elderly, children and lone workers to be tracked and for their caregiver to receive an SMS about their whereabouts if they go outside of a specified zone.

The wristband device consists of a built in speaker phone and active GPS receiver and intends to give care-givers peace of mind.

Ofer Atzmon, vice president for business development and marketing at Aerotel Medical Systems said: “The deal is another step in the expansion of our telecare products offering in Western Europe.

“After the successful launch of GeoSKeeper in other European markets, we have formed a partnership with EcoTec to bring our personal safety solutions to the Finnish market.”

Jouni Mäkipää, chief executive officer and founder at EcoTec who will distribute the device in Finland, said: “By combining our proven abilities and our leadership in the Finnish market with Aerotel’s cutting edge technology we are now able to offer a service aimed at providing care and security for those in need, using our unique SmartCare platform connected with GeoSKeeper personal traceable devices.”

Last year, Aerotel partnered with GEBOA SA to launch the GeoSkeeper in Switzerland.