Frimley Park Hospital has deployed a trust-wide remote data access, transfer and collaboration system to provide consultants with patient information from almost any location.

The system, from ISEEU Global, was rolled out across the trust in December, following a pilot in the adult intensive care unit last year.

The trust implemented ISEEU Clinical Workforce Accessibility, which includes global data access functionality and global data transfer technology, and has been integrated with its iPM patient administration system.

Dr Loua Shaikh, a consultant intensivist and anaesthestist at the trust who identified the demand for the system, said: “With a host of servers collecting patient data from x-rays, ventilators, infusion pumps and heart monitors, a whole network of information was becoming digitised.

“Effectively the situation and care of a patient can change at any time. A consultant may not be present in the hospital when they are required to aid decision making. With the solution a consultant can effectively be available 24/7 without the high costs of having them constantly onsite.”

The software also incorporates a virtual medical meeting centre, to allow clinicians to virtually assess situations and online sessions and simultaneously view patient files using remote access.

Dr Shaikh is now working to deploy a clinical information system at the hospital to digitalise historical patient data.

“With the full roll-out of the service, radiology doctors can view scans and orthopaedic surgeons are able to give advice on spinal x-rays without having to be onsite. The whole medical network now has the potential to achieve rapid turn around times on delivering the highest quality patient care,” he said.

Phil Bullivant, director of ISEEU added: “ISEEU Global helps organisations, such as Frimley Park NHS Foundation Trust, to create joined-up and flexible working solutions, and maximize their IT investment and deliver new ways of working. Reduced time pressures and increased efficiency in working practices will greatly benefit patient care."

Link: ISEEU Global