Finnish health IT company, Tieto, has acquired the business operations of Intensium, including its benchmarking solution for healthcare providers and its management of healthcare workflow system.

Intensium, which provides benchmarking services for healthcare service providers in Finland as a software as a service, allows providers to monitor the care process performance by assessing where there are gaps between their own performance and the other members of the benchmarking consortium.

The healthcare workflow management solution is also used in Finnish hospitals and provides an immediate possibility to standardise the customer’s care process, eliminate redundant steps, and intensify the use of special know-how.

Kari Lappalainen, chief executive of Intensium, said: "Our main objective has been to promote our healthcare customers’ ability in continuous improvement.

"Valuable collaboration with Tieto has convinced us that together we are able to provide outstanding solutions and services for healthcare organisations."

Tieto is one of the leading health ICT providers in the Nordic countries, with a strong presence in Germany and the Netherlands. In 2008, the company was awarded a contract to provide Sweden with the national patient overview, an electronic summary of a patient’s record.

Arto Ryymin, who is responsible for Tieto’s healthcare and welfare business said: "This acquisition is a natural step of executing our strategy and improving our offering portfolio.

“I’m pleased to see how this enhances our competences and ability to offer new advanced measuring and benchmarking tools to European healthcare service providers.”

The business will be transferred to Tieto on 1 July 2010 and Intensium’s 17 employees will also be transferred to the company.

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